You need a website? / A completely new one (build from scratch) or a re-work of you old one? / Do you know exactly what you want? / Do you know what and how to improve? / …or do you need help? 

You must enjoy your brand being well presented while also your audience must experience your company capabilities in an attractive and convincing matter. So the amount and type of functionality, interactivity, expression and content need to be perfectly balanced. TYPE 10 offers advice or help in several ways. We can offer a step-by-step process, or you can ask for just a single step like the ones below:

Evaluation Clarification Design brief

We prefer to design and build with the content management system (CMS) WordPress, which allows you to continuously further develop your website by your self. If on the other hand you prefer other development tools and a detailed process like the one below, we can do the job in cooperation with some of our qualified partners.

You’ll typically meet the following aspects in a webdesign- and development processes.

: Research and clarification (of purpose, goals, needs, budget etc.)
: SEO (search engine optimisation)
: Conceptualization (the vision and ideas)
: Information design (content)
: Navigation design (structure)
: Interaction design (the way your users communicate with your sites functionality)
: Visual design (branding, aesthetics etc.)
: Copywriting